Sometimes we get a little off the topic of Camp Quest. Sometimes they want to talk to me about more general topics, such as atheism, education. Sometimes they are talking about me, not to me.


The United Church Observer (Feb 2009) “True Unbelievers”

Champions Club (Jan 2009) “My Wake Up Moment”


The Pod Delusion – Episode 22 (19th February 2010)

BBC Radio 2 – TBA (27th October 2009)

BBC Radio 4 – The Atheist and the Bishop (26th August 2009)

Jane Little chairs a debate between AC Grayling and former Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Rev Richard Harries, who visit a faith school and then meet the organiser of an atheist summer camp.

Part 1 Part 2 [on youtube]


Short film: “I believe” (Dir. Sacha Coward)

Atheist Viewpoint (April 2009) “Introducing Samantha Stein”