Epic Life Quest of Awesome Bucket List

Last updated 17/12/2015

During the last month I have read a number of inspiring blog posts about success and what a successful life looks like, watched the Bucket List, turned 29, and generally seen way too many news stories about death and destruction.

I decided that life is too short to continue being afraid of new things, or to continue playing the same “tapes” in my head about how I’m not “good” at certain things so I shouldn’t even try. Some of these ideas about what I should and shouldn’t do with my life come from my parents, some from teachers at school, but most of these ideas about myself have been ingrained and internalised at a young age and I don’t seem to have shifted them.

In an attempt to generally live a more awesome life, and try to minimise anxiety about turning 30, I came up with this list. It actually required a great deal of poking around in my head to get. Suggestions are most welcome, but I obviously reserve the right to ignore them.

Apparently the way my mind works has become so shut down I was even afraid to think certain thoughts. Like how I had some vague idea about surfers generally being douchebags that I never even entertain the thought that I could learn to surf and still retain my status as a non-douchebag. I’m planning on adding to this list as I think of new things. As I reach goals, some of them will be expanded.

When I reach a goal, I will blog about it.

Travel (Europe)

See the Northern lights in Lapland

Celebrate midsummer in Iceland

Learn to dive in Croatia

Visit Budapest

Visit Finland

Travel (The Americas)

Trek to Macchu Picchu

Take a cruise in Alaska

Visit Curacao/Bonaire

Visit New Orleans

Visit the Galapagos Islands

Visit the salt flats in Bolivia

Visit Costa Rica

Travel (Africa)

Visit Madagascar

Go on safari in Namibia

Travel (Asia)

See Great Wall of China

Visit Thailand

Visit Indonesia

Visit Japan

Ride a horse in Mongolia

Cycle through Vietnam

Travel (Australasia/Pacific)

Trek through New Zealand

Visit Uluru

Snorkel/dive the Great Barrier Reef

Travel (The Netherlands)

NB: I know it’s ridiculous how little of NL I have seen, especially the stuff that is almost on my doorstep. We are all guilty of it.

Visit Keukenkof in the Spring (I did this last year, but was too early for flowers)

Visit the Christmas market in Maastricht

Visit Anne Frank House

Visit Madurodam (did this a a child, want to go back!)

Visit the Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam

Visit Alkmaar cheese market

Take a surf class at Zandvoort

Business goals

Have 150 e-mail subscribers to The Happy Coeliac

Have 250 e-mail subscribers to The Happy Coeliac

Have 500 e-mail subscribers to The Happy Coeliac

Have 5000 visitors in 30 days on The Happy Coeliac

Have 6000 visitors in 30 days on The Happy Coeliac

Have 7000 visitors in 30 days on The Happy Coeliac

Publish a children’s book

Publish a non-fiction book

Publish a best-selling book

Fitness/strength goals

Hold a handstand 10 seconds

Do the front splits

Climb the aerial silks

Hold a pike lever for 10 seconds

Hold a straddle lever for 10 seconds

Bridge kickover

Barbell squat my body weight

Straddle lever to handstand

Go to gymnastics classes

Decrease BF% by 5%

Personal goals

Be able to hold a conversation in Dutch (approx level B1)

Get to intermediate level Dutch (approx level B2)

Become fluent in Dutch (approx level C1)

Speak at a TedX

Have a child

Start Camp Quest in the Netherlands

Take a painting class

5 thoughts on “Epic Life Quest of Awesome Bucket List

  1. Nice goals, I just did Budapest, amazing! Check flying from Rotterdam, they have great prices.
    I think I might go to Thailand this winter, it’s one of my goals to go on a warm vacation this winter as a birthday present to myself for turing 30 this year. Also, check out the Corrie ten Boom Museum instead of Anne Frank, it’s much more interesting, in Haarlem, free, and not a tourist trap. You can do it in English but you might as well take the Dutch tour to work towards your C1 goal. Good luck on your goals, there are some good ones here.

    • Thailand looks so awesome! Would make a great winter holiday. I think you recommended the Ten Boom museum before, will have to check it out.

  2. Love this! I have been trying to think of what is on my “I would/could never ..” list to confront some of the more unreasonable ones but I haven’t got very far yet. Good luck with it all.

    • Thanks! 🙂 Yes, it’s hard to actually conjure up things that you’ve buried deeply for irrational reasons. Let me know how you get with your list. I still have work to do!

  3. I hope you won’t mind if I borrow some of these ideas.
    Regarding New Orleans, you absolutely must go. Preferably before it sinks into the Gulf of Mexico. Celesta gave us a trip to NO for my 40th bday. Remind me to tell you about it sometime. I can’t wait to go back.

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