I’m on a flyer!

And you could be too!

Denkfest flyer

Well, not really. Denkfest, the science and critical thinking festival where I will be speaking in September, has produced a flyer to advertise the event, and somehow my face has ended up on it!

Let me just publicly commend Denkfest for making the effort to include so many women as speakers. As you can see, they aren’t scraping the barrel (well, perhaps with me) – there are loads of women actively involved in the atheist and skeptical movement. Not that you’d know it from some events/conferences.

I can’t wait for September. I’m brushing up on my german already.

2 thoughts on “I’m on a flyer!

  1. Thanks for posting! Just in case some of your readers are freaking out because of your last sentence, let me stress one thing: the Denkfest will be bilingual English and German. Talks are about half and half and we’ll have simultaneous translation in both directions throughout. So you can use the Denkfest to brush up your German, but you don’t have to.

  2. Yes, I should have clarified. Both my sessions will be entirely in English!

    I’ll be brushing up on my German so I can a) understand some of the other talks without relying on the translators, b) communicate with those who may not speak English and c) dispel stereotypes about the English being bad at foreign languages!!!

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